CE conformity of industrial plants

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The European legislation and the relevant national transpositions oblige the "Final Constructor", i.e. the party assuming direct responsibility over the safety of machines/plant end users, to guarantee and declare the CE conformity of the plants to the MACHINES DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE and to the other directives in force.
Within its own project department CONTIMPIANTI has formed a team that, over the last few years, has been working for the CE declaration together with the most important industrial groups in Italy and Europe.


  • Meal homogenizing plant - Buzzi Unicem Barletta (BA) Italy
  • 22000 ton Silo and self-service bulk cement loading lines - Lafarge Tavernola B.sca (BG) Italy
  • Silos extraction and self-service bulk cement loading plant - Cementizillo Este (PD) Italy
  • Clinker bulk loading on trucks - Cementizillo Fanna (PN) Italy
  • Animal meal reception, stocking and weighing plant for kiln burner - Cementizillo Fanna (PN) Italy
  • Bulk loading plant for steelworks dust - Feralpi Siderurgica Lonato (BS) Italy
  • Grinding plant CM4 - Holcim Italia Morano PO (AL) Italy
  • Bulk cement loading on trucks - Holcim Italia Ternate (VA) Italy
  • New clinker silo - Industria Cementi Giovanni Rossi Pederobba (TV) Italy
  • New FANTRACK cooler - Cementizillo Fanna (PN) Italy
  • Grinding plant - Cap Vracs Fos sur Mer France
  • Grinding plant - Nord Broyage Dunkerque France
  • Cement silos feeding and extraction plant - Orionidas Grao de Castellon Valencia Spain
  • Bulk loading on trucks - Holcim Italia Ternate (VA) Italy
  • Fluidisation transport lines - Holcim Italia Merone (CO) Italy

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